Pierre de Coubertin, was born on 1 January 1863 in Paris. Very early in life he showed a liking for literature, history and the problems of education and sociology. Giving up the army, abandoning too the political career that was open to him at the age of twenty-four, Pierre de Coubertin decided to launch a vast movement of educational reform, and at twenty-five his life work was started.

It is also to him that we owe all the organization of the Olympic Games, which have benefited from his methodical and precise mind, and from his wide understanding of the aspirations and needs of young people. The Olympic Charter and Protocol, as well as the athletes" oath are his work, together with the ceremonial for the opening and closing of the Games. Furthermore, until 1925 he personally presided over the International Olympic Committee.

The title of Honorary President of the Olympic Games was bestowed on him in 1925 until his death in 1937. It was decided that no other President would ever be granted this honour again. The revival of the Olympic Games represents only a small part of the Baron de Coubertin"s work. Apart from numerous publications devoted to the technique and teaching of sport, he was the author of important historical, political and sociological studies. His works total over sixty thousand pages.

He died on 2 September 1937 in Geneva having spent his entire fortune on his ideals. He is considered one of the great men of the 20th century. In accordance with his last wishes, his heart was interred at Olympia (Greece), in the marble monument commemorating the revival of the Olympic Games.